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“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade” – Tony Robbins
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Do you feel like you are always running out of time?
Not sure where your day went?
Are you often busy or distracted?
Do you feel you are doing too much but not getting enough done?

There is often so much to do, with so little time! We get busier and distracted every day, often with mountains of tasks that need to get done and sometimes nothing to show for at the end of the day.

Time, once spent, never comes back.

So, are we truly utilizing our time to the fullest with the things that matter most?

Productivity is paramount to the success of both your personal and work life

When you have a lot to do and very little time on your hands, some days can feel more stressful than others. Work starts to pile up and it can feel as if you can’t get much done. We get busier and distracted every day, often with mountains of tasks that need to get done, and sometimes we have nothing to show for at the end of the day.

Productivity is paramount to the success of both your personal and work life. While we may not get more than 24 hours a day to get things done, we CAN get more done in less time!

In this workshop, I want to share some tools and hacks that have really helped me organize, prioritize, and get things done without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I will also share with you how to manage your mood, emotions, and energy levels for optimal productivity.

This workshop will provide you with great tips to keep you focused, alert, and energized throughout the day, leaving you more time to do things that matter most!

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Shorten your product-delivery time, increase revenue, and operate efficiently – without the technical hurdles. Shorten your product-delivery time, increase revenue, and operate efficiently – without the technical hurdlesShorten your product-delivery time, increase revenue, and operate efficiently – without the technical hurdles

Course Outcomes


Manage your ability to reach your goals and get effective results


Learn about your energy drainers and what you can do to increase your focus and energy levels.


Learn tools that create an environment that enhances creativity, and that inspires ideas and solutions.


Find out more about what drives you, what motivates you, and what you are passionate about, so you do more of what matters!


Create habits around managing your mindset, your energy, your drive, your health, and your activities for optimal productivity!

Who Is This Program For?

Those who want to:

  • Use time wisely
  • Get more done in less time
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Develop high-performance habits
  • Stay motivated and driven
  • Manage their activities and priorities effectively
  • Lead stronger and impactful teams
  • Lead a better quality of life

Course modules

Understand the value of managing your time effectively

Module 1: Time Banking

Assess the way you use your time and find out how productive you really are. Find out what is holding you back from getting things done, from completing your projects, and from reaching your goals. Time is an essential resource, however are we truly making use of the time we have? You will also learn how to shift your focus from being busy to being more productive.

Understand how your personality affects the way you manage your activities.

Module 2: The Time Orientation Tool

In this module, you will look through the lens of your personality to find out how you orient the world around you, how you schedule and plan your day, and what are some habits that may be holding you back from completing your tasks and projects. Learning about your personality style can provide more insights on how to manage your team's projects and deadlines efficiently and effectively. You will learn how to bridge the gap and find effective ways to work with opposite personalities.

Combat your distractions for optimal productivity

Module 3: Managing Your Distractions

Distractions in the workplace can lead to lower productivity, poor performance, and negative effects in the way we lead. In this module, you’ll learn about the different types of distractions and how it may be interfering with your focus, energy, and drive to get things done. You’ll be learning about how your distractions are affecting you and what you can do to combat your distractions to manage your energy and focus.

Habits that improves your energy and focus.

Module 4: High Performance Leadership Habits

We believe that productivity is a lifestyle and for individuals to manage their productivity, they need to learn how they manage their mental, physical, and emotional health. A combination of these, coupled with high performance habits, can greatly increase your productivity, resulting in a better quality of life, increased passion and drive, and creative flow of ideas.

Manage your environment for optimal productivity

Module 5: The Japanese Methodology in Productivity

In this module you'll learn about why a mess can create stress and greatly lower your productivity. You will learn about the Japanese 5S Lean Method, and how this model can provide insights on how to manage your environment. We will share simple tools and tips, and how shifts in the environment can greatly enhance the way you work.

The WHAT, WHY & HOW of getting things done!

Module 6: Getting into Action!

In this module you will learn of different tools, hacks and methods to get things done, and get into action. You'll learn how to combat procrastination, increase your motivation and drive, and find YOUR PURPOSE in what you do. You will also learn how to create positive goals, and to effectively put systems in place. Learn how to focus on getting results that are back by purpose, fueled by a massive action plan.

Simple & Practical Tools

BONUS: Productivity Tools & Hacks

We are bombarded with information about new applications and tools every day. In this module, we will share simple and practical productivity tool that you should be using. You'll also learn about productivity hacks that will help you get more done in less time.





Sheetal Sujan, M.Sc.

Co-Founder Lybra | Emotional Intelligence Practitioner | Productivity Coach | MBTI Master Practitioner

Happy clients

De sessies zijn als heel prettig ervaren. Het was mijn eerste online ervaring en alles was duidelijk te volgen.

Santusha Hemai
Quality Manager, Baitali Group of Companies

n eerste instantie dacht ik dat ik dit niet nodig had. Er is voldoende te vinden online over producitiviteit. Echter heb ik toch geparticipeerd met een open mind en ontdekte dat ik erna dat ik veel geleerd heb

Seema Mahasingh
Republic Bank

My experience was educational. I've learned something new. I have learned how to schedule a day/week by placing your actions in an Outlook calendar and on a small whiteboard at home

Rahied Nazier

It was excellently delivered by amazing trainers – definitely worth attending when one is looking to improve one’s way of dealing work and personal life challenges

Jethrina Daniel
Financial Consultant, Grassalco N.V.

This course provided not only some tools for increasing my productivity, but also impacted my daily life.

Navin Samlal
Engineer, BC Consultancy N.V.

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