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Digitally Transformed By Us.

Let us digitally transform your organizational processes, while you focus on your core business.

We scan your processes, model them with the international process modeling notation and make your process information easily accessible via web process portals for all relevant stakeholders within your organization. Our internationally experienced and certified professionals design a roadmap with all relevant stakeholders towards improving your overall business performance.

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Organizations transformed
Processes optimized
Lean Information Systems developed

Change is inevitable. Organizations in all sectors are realizing the necessity and benefits of digitally transforming their operations. Some even realize a digital transformation is not a matter of ‘modernization’, but a necessary disruption for any organization that wants to stay relevant in today’s fast-changing business landscape.

Lybra’s combined methodology of systems and people focus ensures sustainable results.

We have seen organizations grow in the following areas:


Increase profit with our sustainable solutions

By optimizing your business processes and having us develop supporting information systems, you experience the benefits such as:

  • Reduced operational costs due to optimal lean processes
  • Increased profit because of decreased manual labor

This means that these extra savings can be redirected to the crucial aspects of your company.

Quality Assurance

Improved quality with lean processes

Involving employees in optimizing processes increases ownership of work. Our Lean certified professionals involve all relevant process actors to guide and facilitate optimizing processes.

The optimized processes supported with our tailor-made information systems ensure information flow is optimal, human errors are significantly reduced, internal and external client satisfaction is increased.


Growth for employees and the business

Lean Information systems take over mundane manual tasks performed by employees. Employees can become more productive by performing more added value tasks for your clients.

Our Combined Approach

Our success and strength comes from our unique approach towards facilitating digital transformations.
Our unique approach combines structure (processes and systems) and culture (people, values, and norms) initiatives. By actively addressing both structure or system-driven matters and culture or people-oriented matters, we are able to develop sustainable, faster, and more cost-effective solutions.

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System-driven Approach

Our Lean professionals perform a thorough process scan on the work floor during which information flows, triggers, volumes, throughput times, and all process-related observations are captured.

All the process scan observations are modeled into a web-based process portal. The Lean professionals facilitate process redesign workshops with all process stakeholders to redesign and optimize processes. The optimized processes are then the basis for developing information systems with our low-code platform which enables us to generate results with 60% fewer resources and time.

Our Lean System Development style facilitates fast tangible results which can be tested and verified by end-users enabling them to steer towards relevant results that meet everyone’s expectations.

Our Lean certified professionals ensure all solutions are developed together with relevant stakeholders of the organization, so that knowledge is actively transferred, and that ownership is taken of the solutions.

People-oriented approach

Our Lean professionals involve all stakeholders from the start of the change initiative increasing commitment, involvement, and engagement.

We use effective techniques to stimulate creative design thinking in optimizing processes and crafting the solution.

Process actors are empowered and trained in understanding and thinking in processes, and working with the developed information systems.

Lybra’s Lean professionals actively address the emotional intelligence and personality differences by creating a safe environment for process actors to evolve in the change initiative. In all our projects, individuals evaluate us as being easy to work with.

Lybra professionals have gained a decade of experience in quickly identifying and understanding technical and non-technical challenges.

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Services Offered

Let us optimize your business process, while you focus on your products and services.

We can scan your company’s activities, identify your core-activities, and fine-tune them by working with you on a road map towards improving your business’ overall performance.

Lean Process & Change Management

The first step in any Digital Transformation is to scan processes. A thorough process scan results in a clear understanding of the context, stakeholders, and bottlenecks. The observations of the process can serve as input for the “as-is” processes. Lybra’s Lean professionals then conduct workshops with process stakeholders to optimize the ‘as is’ processes, resulting in a central, easily accessible web process portal.

Participants of the workshops are trained to read and understand the ISO BPMN process notation and Lean principles. Participants also receive a certificate for successful participation in the workshop. The goal of the workshop is to build capacity and empower process owners to continue managing and improving processes.

Information Systems development

The way software, applications, interfaces, and information systems are developed has changed drastically over time. The traditional ‘Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)’, also known as the ‘waterfall methodology’, was developed in the 1960s and is difficult to apply in today’s fast-changing world. Since then other methodologies have been developed such as the Rapid Application Development (RAD)’ methodology, the ‘Agile Iterative Development’ methodologies, and most recently the ‘Lean Software Development’ model. The Lean Software Development model focuses mainly on eliminating waste, adding value for the client, and fast processes.

Lybra’s Lean Certified Software Developers use the Lean Software Development model together with our low code/no code AppLy framework, to develop information systems with 60% less time and resources. Our internal certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor ensures the proper controls are in place in order for your information system to comply with the principles of safe software development.

Our systems-driven and people-oriented approach address the following challenges from the start of a project: fear and/or resistance to change, digital literacy, and process standardization.

The resulting information system, based on optimized processes, can be enriched and interfaced with existing systems. Information systems can also be enriched with Location Intelligence services of the ArcGIS platform. Enriching your information systems with location intelligence provides deeper insights into your business and client interaction. Those insights enable decision-makers to pro-actively take necessary measures for optimal production and service provision.

Geo-Data Enrichment

Geographical Information System (GIS) technology can be used to analyze your organizational activities from a location perspective. Different sectors use GIS for risk analysis, consumer behavior analysis, geo-marketing, customer segmentation, business expansion, and more.  Visualizing your traditional tables, charts, and dashboards on a web-map, provides deeper insights, better overall understanding, and more effective decision making.

Lybra is a technology partner of Esri Inc. – the world leader in GIS technology. Information systems developed by Lybra can be interfaced with the ArcGIS platform providing power spatial analytical tools within your organization.

E-Commerce website development

Our clients have expanded their information systems by connecting them to an e-commerce website. This enables our clients to provide and sell their services and products online. After an order is received via the e-commerce website, an automated client request is created in the interfacing information system, which triggers a workflow through all relevant process stakeholders. This seamless integration increases productivity and client satisfaction.

Lybra learning Management System Development

Together with our certified Trainers and Coaches, we design, develop, and implement Digital Online Learning Platforms.


We build tailor-made learning management systems including the content creation in graphics, audio and video. On of our satisfied clients has a system for their health institute to empower health workers in their communication in a foreign language. This strengthens the health workers’ ability to diagnose and treat their patients better. 


Lybra is proud to serve in these services, as they connect to the Sustainable Development Goal for health, well-being, and access to education.

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