• Teambuilding

    Goals and outcomes of teambuilding:
    • Inspire Employees
    • Promote Proactive Behavior
    • Boost Positive Attitude
    • Improve Communication
    • Increase Cooperation
    • Strengthen Teams

    TrainingThe Power of Our Team
  • Service with a Smile

    Customer service elements
    • Understanding customer service
    • Effective positive communication
    • Lybra’s 5B method in customer service
    • Telephone etiquette
    • Email etiquette
    • Dealing with difficult clients

    Service with a SmileTrainings
  • Communication Matters!

    Workshop elements
    • Understanding and applying effective communication
    • Types of non-verbal communication
    • Using appropriate body language
    • Improving verbal communication
    • Becoming a better listener

    Communication Matters!Trainings
  • Emotions Matter!

    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify our own emotions and those of others, to self-motivate ourselves and know how to monitor emotions and those of the people around us.

    Emotions Matter!Trainings
  • Feedback Matters!

    Understand the importance of giving effective feedback on the work floor

    Feedback Matters!Trainings
  • What’s your leadership style?

    Inspirational leaders are those that empower individuals, transform an organization, and provide purpose and meaning for individuals. Under such leadership, employees feel valued and share a common goal and vision. Creating such an environment requires great talent, skill, and knowledge but most importantly knowledge of self to serve others.

    What’s your leadership style?About MBTI
  • What’s your communication style?

    The goal of these sessions is to bridge a gap to help team members communicate effectively, efficiently and use each other’s strengths in communicating well with one another. These sessions also help individuals increase their self-awareness and identify their strengths, blind spots, and gaps which would be filled by their colleagues. The results of these are improved individual and organizational performance overall, and most importantly enhancing team communication and dynamics.

    What’s your communication style?About MBTI
  • What’s your personal impact?

    Individuals today, especially leaders, can make a difference and a strong connection with people they come across. Their ability to connect with others and their work values says a lot about their ability to strategize, envision, inspire, persuade, sell, convince, motivate, and educate people to achieve common goals. Many successful leaders have been able to demonstrate valuable skills within their chosen careers and are promoted to those roles due to their ability to create an impact. Being able to do so starts with learning more about “how” you use your given gifts to create an impact in this world.

    What’s your personal impact?About MBTI

Who are we

Lybra Training, Coaching & Consulting N.V. was established on January 26, 2011 in Paramaribo, Suriname. We provide services in training, coaching and consulting for small and large businesses in the public and private sector. Lybra is your partner in providing effective solutions to enhance the intellectual, emotional and physical balance of individuals, teams, departments and organizations.

What do we do


Teambuilding, Customer Service, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Personal and Professional Development, and much more


Leadership Coaching & Career Coaching


Business Process Modeling and Reengineering, Content Management System web-development, and Strategic Planning with MBTI

Memorable moments

  • Assuria

    Service: Service with a Smile

  • Telesur N.V.

    Service: Communication with MBTI

  • Haukes N.V.

    Service: Teambuilding

  • Diakonessenhuis

    Service: Emotional Intelligence

  • Dio Drogisterij N.V.

    Service: Teambuilding

  • Stichting Toerisme Suriname

    Service: Teambuilding

  • Virtual Educa Beurs

    Study Skills for Students

  • Stichting Planbureau Suriname

    Service: Teambuilding

  • Republic Bank

    Service: Service with a Smile

  • Suriname Alcoholic Beverages N.V.

    Service: Teambuilding

  • Ardac International

    Service: Teambuilding

  • Working Personalities

    HR Event

  • Roy Boedhoe Enterprises

    Service: Service with a Smile

  • Friendly Workspaces

    Public Event

Our Services Video


“…Keep up the good team building…”

Service: Teambuilding

United Nations
United NationsEmployee

“…That I should be mindful of the fact that other people are different and do not naturally think like me…”

Service: Communication Matters!

Spang Makandra
Spang MakandraEmployee

“…Het was zo goed hebben genoten leerrijk en heb veel geleerd bedankt!!!…”

Service: Teambuilding

Fernandes Group
Fernandes GroupTeambuilding

“…de confrontatie heeft geholpen mensen bewust te maken en te bewegen tot verbetering…”

Service: Teambuilding

DIO Drogisterij en parfemurie
DIO Drogisterij en parfemurieEmployee

“…Good job!! Unieke methode van trainen!!…”

Service: Service with a Smile


“Ik vond de teambuilding uitmuntend en effectief voor mij als individu in STS”

Service: Teambuilding

Stichting Toerisme Suriname
Stichting Toerisme SurinameEmployee

“…I did not know about MBTI-types . that was an eye-opener. Now I know about who I am and who the person is like and how to communicate with them…”

Service: MBTI


“…Ik heb collega’s van een andere kant leren kennen. Ik heb deze dag als zeer leerrijk, effectief en gezellig ervaren…”

Service: Teambuilding

Home Shopping & Delivery Service
Home Shopping & Delivery ServiceEmployee

“…A very good workshop. I would recommend it to everybody…”

Service: Improving communications with MBTI


“…Complimenten aan de trainers om rust te brengen en uit te stralen in deze workshops…”

Service: Teambuilding

Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V.
Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V.Employee

“…Geen klachten. Jullie hebben goed werk verricht. We zijn allemaal tevreden en hebben ervan genoten. Er wordt weken na de sessie nog aandacht geschonken aan het geleerde…”

Service: Teambuilding

Digicel Suriname
Digicel SurinameEmployee

“…I enjoyed working in different groups, doing different exercises and getting to know my colleagues better…”

Service: Teambuilding

WWF Guianas Suriname
WWF Guianas SurinameEmployee

“…This session is an eye opener to distinguish between certain types of personalities and understand each other…”

Public Event: Friendly Workspaces


“…The session increased my knowledge about the different personalities employees have and how to work with them…”

Public Event: Working Personalities