April 2023

Women & Girls in ICT

Empowering Women in ICT

Women play a crucial role in the world of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and their work, passion, and efforts have increasingly been recognized. However, women are still underrepresented in the tech industry and its important to look at all the factors that could support women to pursue careers in ICT.

The Productivity Workshop for Leaders: why this matters?

The Productivity Workshop for Leaders: why this matters?

The Productivity Workshop for Leaders held in March 31 and April 1, 2023 was a resounding success, with the eight amazing women who attended this workshop. The workshop covered valuable insights and strategies for life management, focusing on how to manage what matters most.

Lybra expands Social Protection Information System with e-Government Suriname

Lybra has collaborated with the e-Government team to expand the Social Protection Information System (SPIS) of the Government of Suriname (GoS). The newly added module has the capability to efficiently register, verify, and allocate financial support to households that fall under a specific income norm.

The SPIS is constructed based on the conceptual model of the SocialProtection.org and follows international best practices. To ensure the highest level of expertise, Lybra’s professionals were certified via the SocialProtection.org, thereby enhancing their capacity to develop the system. The GoS has named this system the ‘Beneficiary Information System’ (BIS), which features a real-time dashboard that dynamically presents all critical information for decision-makers.

Furthermore, the BIS is being equipped to securely interface with banks, allowing for the transfer of information necessary for bank transfers. This added functionality ensures the timely and efficient transfer of funds to eligible beneficiaries. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive more updates.