Successful Completion of Intensive 3-Day ArcGIS Online Training for Ministry of Natural Resources, Department Integral Water Management

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of a 3-day intensive and practical training workshop for the Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Integral Water Management (IWB). Three key persons from IWB participated in this workshop, which focused on leveraging ArcGIS Online to enhance their work processes. The training was conducted by Lybra Training, Coaching, and Consulting N.V. (Lybra), an esteemed Esri Partner in Suriname specializing in Digital Transformations with GIS technology.

Workshop Highlights

During the workshop, participants were equipped with essential skills to utilize ArcGIS Online effectively. The comprehensive training covered the following key areas:

1. Creating Web Maps

Participants learned to create and manage web maps, enabling them to visualize and analyze spatial data interactively. This skill is crucial for effective decision-making and planning in water management.

2. Designing Geo-Forms for Field Data Collection

The workshop included hands-on training on designing geo-forms, which are essential for collecting field data. Participants practiced creating forms that could be used to gather accurate and real-time information directly from the field, streamlining data collection processes.

3. Developing Geo-Apps for Data Quality Checks

Participants were introduced to the development of geo-apps, which are vital for performing quality checks on collected data. These applications ensure the accuracy and reliability of data before it is used for analysis and decision-making.

4. Building Geo-Dashboards for Real-Time Insights

The training emphasized the creation of geo-dashboards, which provide dynamic, real-time insights into various data sets. These dashboards are instrumental in monitoring water resources and making informed decisions quickly.

5. Utilizing Authoritative Data

Participants explored the use of authoritative data sources such as the ArcGIS Living Atlas LandSat Explorer and Sentinel Explorer. These tools provide valuable insights into land use and land cover data, enhancing the understanding of environmental and geographical changes.

Practical Applications in Water Management

The knowledge gained during the workshop has already been applied to water management tasks. Participants have developed workflows within ArcGIS to:

  • Collect field data on aquifers, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable, and surface water sources.
  • Analyze this data using WebApps, ensuring comprehensive and accurate assessments.
  • Monitor all collected data in real-time through dashboards, facilitating effective and timely decision-making.

Launch of the Ministry of Natural Resources - Water GeoPortal

The culmination of the workshop was marked by the launch of the IWB GeoPortal, a significant milestone for the Department of Integral Water Management. This GeoPortal, accessible at, showcases the practical applications of the skills learned during the training. Participants presented their use cases, demonstrating how they have effectively integrated ArcGIS Online into their workflows to enhance water management processes.

Lybra's Role and Track Record

As an Esri Partner in Suriname, Lybra Training, Coaching, and Consulting N.V. played a pivotal role in delivering this successful training. Lybra specializes in Digital Transformations with GIS technology, focusing on the integration and leveraging of Information Systems with Location Intelligence.

Lybra’s track record of success extends beyond this workshop. One notable achievement is the development of the GeoDashboard for social services data, available at This dashboard, created using ArcGIS Dashboards, provides valuable insights into social services, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of GIS technology in various sectors.


The successful completion of this 3-day workshop marks a significant advancement in the capabilities of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Integral Water Management. With the support and expertise of Lybra, participants have gained valuable skills that will enhance their work processes and contribute to the sustainable management of Suriname’s water resources.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with IWB and other organizations, driving digital transformation and leveraging GIS technology for sustainable development and efficient resource management in Suriname.

Below is a short teaser of this session:

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