Lybra Digital Transformation User Conference

On March 17, 2023, Lybra organized a Digital Transformation User Conference at the Courtyard Marriott Paramaribo, to showcase the success of digital transformations in Suriname. Several of Lybra’s clients displayed the work they have done using the information systems developed by Lybra. These information systems have been used for varying lengths of time, ranging from six months to 12 years.

During the conference, clients presented on how they have used the information systems to achieve their organizational goals. Demonstrations were given on a range of tools, including registration tools, learning management systems, land registration systems, and human resource management systems. Some of the presentations were as follows:

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing uses the Beneficiary Information System (BIS); an information system to register social services, related documents, and is linked to a dynamic GIS dashboard.
  • Management Institute of Land and Property Registration (MI-GLIS) uses the Parcel ID online system (PID). This tool supports the process of issuing Parcels ID’s. The surveyors register the requests with related documents and the MIGLIS employees handles requests.
  • Management Institute of Land and Property Registration (MI-GLIS) uses Parcel Administration System Suriname (PASS). This application supports the deed (akte) processing process. With PASS MIGLIS can efficiently and effectively keep track of changes in the public registers.
  • Management Institute of Land and Property Registration (MI-GLIS) uses Service Request Online (SRO) and Service Request Online Back Office (SROBO). Customers can purchase MIGLIS products online on SRO and the MIGLIS employees handle these requests in SROBO.
  • The National Development Bank of Suriname (NOB) uses NOB-Portal, a central agenda application for the Secretary for incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • The Ministry of Health presented the use of the Learning Management System created by Lybra.
  • Ministry Spatial Planning and Environment use the Analytics Information System (AIS); an information system that maintains all project information, and related documents and is linked to a real-time dynamic GIS dashboard.

The presentations highlighted the many benefits that digital transformations have brought to organizations in Suriname. Through the use of technology, organizations have been able to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance. The clients emphasized the importance of having the right partners in order to achieve successful digital transformations.

The conference also served as a powerful reminder that digital transformations are possible and achievable. While they may not always be simple, but with the right drive, motivation, and partners, organizations can successfully undergo digital transformations and reap the benefits of modern technologies.

The success of digital transformations in Suriname is a testament to the country’s commitment to innovation and progress. By embracing new technologies and digital solutions, organizations in Suriname are paving the way for a brighter and more efficient future.

Overall, the Lybra Digital User Conference was a resounding success, and served as a celebration of the many achievements that have been made in the field of digital transformations in Suriname. It also provided valuable insights and inspiration to other organizations looking to implement similar transformations in the future.

In conclusion, the Lybra’s Digital User Conference 2023 demonstrated the power of technology to transform organizations and the importance of having the right partners in achieving success. The event was a testament to the innovative spirit of Suriname and the bright future that lies ahead for the country’s organization

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