Project Handover | Learning Management System for a Basic Language Course in Portuguese for the Malaria Suriname Program

On March 23, 2023, Lybra Training, Coaching & Consulting, a renowned provider of learning solutions and consulting services, handed over a custom-designed Learning Management System (LMS) to the Malaria Suriname program. The objective of this LMS was to create a language-based course, mainly from Dutch to Portuguese, for the health workers who often meet with patients in the interior, where part of the population primarily speaks Portuguese.

The LMS developed by Lybra is a comprehensive online platform designed to equip health workers with basic language skills, medical terms, and conversations in Portuguese to communicate effectively with their patients. The course comprises several modules with quizzes, exercises, and practical examples that help the health workers gain confidence in their ability to communicate with their patients in Portuguese.

The LMS also comes with an automated certificate upon completion of the course, which serves as proof of the health worker’s achievement and proficiency in the Portuguese language. This feature enables health workers to showcase their language skills to their peers, colleagues, and supervisors, thereby increasing their credibility and reputation as effective communicators.


Lybra Training, Coaching & Consulting is proud to have completed and presented this project to the Malaria Suriname program. The organization looks forward to hearing about the progress made by the health workers in communicating effectively with their patients in Portuguese. This language course is expected to contribute significantly to improving the quality of healthcare services provided by the Malaria Suriname program to the population in the interior.

Overall, the Lybra LMS has proven to be an effective tool in providing healthcare workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to communicate with their patients in a language they can understand. This innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered in Suriname and beyond, by providing efficient and accessible language training for healthcare professionals.

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